Our way

Bread and caring for it is something which gives us joy and concern on a daily basis.

We prepare it for you with love and with the knowledge of its rich tradition, which goes deep back into history.
It is an important part of our lives and provides grateful inspiration for artists. It appears in music, literature, fine arts, quotes from celebrities and in folk wisdom.
Our story began in 2016. At that time, we decided to establish the company BREADWAY in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

Our way

We proudly practice the fundamentals of conscientious baking, which is built on slow maturation.

We bake all our products in ovens with a stone slab. This ensures that they acquire a more distinctive taste and a more intense aroma.
We give our products the best of us. We use high quality ingredients. We place emphasis on gentle methods for their processing. You will not find anything in them that we would not want to consume ourselves. 
We use partial automation to make our production more efficient. This is also so that we can still offer you quality products at normal prices.
This is our journey: